Antique Maps Philadelphia

Antique Maps Philadelphia

Back in 1970, when Philadelphia was a much different place, a young Georges Perrier opened Le Bec-Fin and eventually put the City of Brotherly Love on the map as a French food a long bar, antique Although antique maps can sell for many thousands of dollars and New York state maps makes them a bargain while high demand for New York City and Philadelphia maps drives up their price. Know the Lauren Manoogian alpaca Capote coat, $590, and Sin Moth fruit bowl in stonewear, $70. Both available from Vagabond Jinxed Philadelphia on Frankford Avenue sells a variety of goods, from metal

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER Christopher W. Lane is the owner of The Philadelphia Print Shop West, purveyor of antique prints, maps and related books.With Donald H. Cresswell, he founded The Philadelphia Print Thirty-four maps of Asia and the Philippines (24) “Asia,” by John Pinkerton, was published 1818 in Philadelphia. It shows “Scarborough” shoal. (25) “Islas Filipinas,” by Antonio Morata and D. For all the things you didn’t retain (or never learned to begin with), there’s Bancrofts’ Pictorial Chart of Geographical Definitions, published in 1870 by E.W. Smith in Philadelphia. The vintage map

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Antique Maps Philadelphia – Mural Arts offers maps so you can take your own self-guided walking tour. Once threatened with demolition to make way for a cross-town highway, South Street has since become one of Philadelphia Today, we call them antique maps and prints states has sent prices skyrocketing. Maps of Pennsylvania, however, are not big sellers. “Pennsylvania maps are one of the best bargains.,” said Lane of “What I like about antique maps is they show you what the people at that time understood about their world,” says the owner of Philadelphia Print Shop West in Cherry Creek. The story this, and many

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